tiiwee Home Security Alarm Stickers - Red - 2 x UV coated - Laminated - size 70mm x 50mm - Outdoors - Set of 6 Labels

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Brand: tiiwee

Color: Red


  • QUALITY - Printed on strong Avery Dennison High-tack vinyl label material
  • DURABLE - Extra protective lamination for extreme durability
  • HIGH-TACK - Sticks to many surfaces due to the High-Tack adhesive. Please note that the adhesive surface is at the back of the label.
  • CHEMICALLY RESISTANT - Clean your window or window frames with confidence. Your label will stick and keep its color and quality
  • ANTI-GLARE, MATTE FINISH - This label is readable from any angle without reflections that could cause a burglar to miss the warning.

Publisher: Tiiwee

Details: Although a security label is a simple product, many things can go wrong still. Colors can fade, the adhesive can lose its strength, and the label can show wear and tear through years of being exposed to the natural elements. If this were to happen, the label would need to be replaced. At tiiwee, we wanted our security sticker to be extremely durable. The vinyl label material provides mechanical strength. An extra lamination provides extra, double UV protection and chemical resistance. This assures that the label can be cleaned while washing your windows or window or door frames. Also, the label has a matte finish to make sure that the print can be seen from all angles in all circumstances. Finally, we deliberately chose a High-Tack adhesive which allows the label to be stuck to many different materials and still hold firmly. The tiiwee Security labels are available in 3 colors, Red, Blue and Yellow in case you'd like to match the label color to your personal preference. The adhesive layer is on the back of the label allowing the label to be stuck on the outside of your home, window, door, shed or barn.

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.6 x 0.1 inches