CruxCare C1 Wireless Pager with 2 Call Buttons - Elderly Alarm - Home Emergency Call System - Expandable

WHY BUY? The C1 pager system has a long operating range, is portable and extremely easy to use. It has both visible and audible warning signals. By connecting additional call buttons, you can even monitor multiple patients. You can locate your patient from a distance by connecting door sensors and motion detectors. Many qualities that help you to care for your loved one now and in the future.

FAST ASSISTANCE - You can quickly decide where your patient or an older person needs assistance. The four zones with different colour displays and two different notification sounds help you locate your patient(s) fast.

EXCELLENT SAFETY - When a patient needs help, the light- and audible signals are repeated every 10 seconds and must be turned off by the caregiver. So even if you are not nearby when the alert sounds, you will hear it as soon as you are within earshot. The signals will only stop  when you press a button on the pager.

 NEVER MISS A CALL - the C1 pager has visual and audible alerts with four adjustable volume levels, as well as a silent mode with visual alerts only. At the loudest setting, the notification volume is very loud. However, you can also reduce the volume.

 PORTABLE - the belt clip makes it easy to take the C1 pager wherever you go. You never miss a call for help because you are always close to the pager. The C1 caregiver system is battery operated (included) and does not require an electrical outlet. You can place the C1 pager wherever you are.


EXPANDABLE - Sometimes you want to know that your loved one is moving around the house. In this case, the C1 system can be extended and connected to door sensors (tiiwee twws03) and motion detectors (tiiwee twpir02). The detailed instructions will help you to connect these accessories without any problems.