Home Alarm System Wireless XLPIR Kit - Complete DIY Burglar Security System with 1 A1 Siren, 1 Motion Detector, 2 Window Door Sensors and 2 Remote Controls - House Garage Shed Shop - 2 Year Warranty

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Brand: tiiwee

Color: White


  • 🔒 PREMIUM HOME ALARM KIT - The TIIWEE smart home alarm system XLPIR premium pack includes the security essentials for intruder detection: 1 loud 120dB alarm unit (siren), 4 windows & door sensors, 1 Motion Detector and 2 remote controls.
  • 🔒 VERSATILE WIRELESS ANTI THEFT TECHNOLOGY - Because no wiring is required, the sensors can be moved or added easily; Our wireless alarm systems are battery operated so you can stay safe even through a power outage; No Wifi or GSM setup required.
  • 🔒 IT IS EASY TO EXPAND YOUR HOME SYSTEM ALARMS - As your needs may change in the future, our wireless technology is flexible and adapts to you; You can add extra sirens, door and windows sensors, alarm units, movement detectors and remote controls to different rooms in your home; Up to 40 sensors can be added to each alarm unit.
  • 🔒 EASY TO INSTALL ALARM PRODUCTS - All the home alarm system products are exceptionally easy to install. Start by marking the desired space (doors or windows) and make sure to clean the surface. After peel the adhesive and stick the sensors and the siren unit on the desired surface.
  • 🔒 TIIWEE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY - 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with our products, simply return the items and you will be reimbursed in full; Questions or requests? Our world class TIIWEE customer service will respond fast and always in your interest.

Publisher: Tiiwee

Details: The Tiiwee wireless burglar alarm is a security alarm system. It allows you to secure your home fast and easy. It is a wireless house alarm which takes just 10 minutes to install without wiring and drilling. It will protect you from burglary by deterring the burglar at the moment that they are trying to enter your home. Home security that protects your from burglars by keeping them out.
Arming and disarming is done through the use of remote control or directly on the A1 Siren. The A1 Siren is at the centre of this home security alarm system. The door and window sensors connect to it through wireless communication. When a burglar tries to enter your home by opening the door or window, a wireless signal alerts the A1 Siren. The Siren will sound a piercingly, loud alarm sound.
Add more Tiiwee door and window sensors, motion detectors and remote controls. It is easy to connect more Tiiwee devices from the Tiiwii home alarm system. Also, you can connect any existing sensors and remote controls to other Tiwee A1 Sirens.
Apart from being a house burglar alarm, this alarm system is also ideally suited to secure your van, apartment, motorhome, caravan, or mobile home. It also serves well as a shed alarm as a remote wireless door alarm system. The door sensor acts as a door alarm. The window sensor acts as a window alarm.
The alarm kit is a pre-connected set. Just unpack and install your burglar alarm kit in 10 minutes.
The A1 Siren has a chime, doorbell-sound and a loud 120dB siren. Swap between these sounds by pressing the S-button on the remote control when the A1 Siren is disarmed. During the day, the system can be used as a notification shop or store chime, for instance. At night, by changing the sound to the alarm sound, the system will guard your garage, shop, store or home against burglars.
The motion detector guards larger areas. This motion sensor can be switched off.

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 4.7 x 3.3 inches