tiiwee A1 Alarm Unit for the Tiiwee Home Alarm System


Brand: tiiwee


  • The A1 alarm unit with integrated 120 dB siren is an accessory for the Tiiwee Home Alarm Starter Kit. Two alarm sounds are available: a loud siren and a chime sound.
  • Add one or more A1 alarm units to your system and have several alarm sirens where you need them.
  • Adding the alarm units to your system is simple - A very detailed description is in the user manual of the tiiwee Home Alarm Starter Kit. Completely wireless and battery powered. Batteries and mounting material included. The A1 Alarm unit can simply be fixed to the wall or stay mobile and be taken with you around the house depending on your needs.
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Publisher: Tiiwee


  • - tiiwee A1 Alarm Unit with integrated 120 dB siren or chime

    - Compatible with the tiiwee Home Alarm Starter Kit and Tiiwee Home Alarm System components

    - Add up to 40 sensors in 4 zones (door & window sensors and PIR motion sensors)

    - Up to 10 remote controls can be added

    - LED indicator light for different zones (only in alarm mode)

    - Simple operation (on the device or via remote control)