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tiiwee TV Simulator for Burglary Protection - 12 LEDs

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Just put the fake TV against a wall and/or the ceiling. Burglars will think that you are home. The device turns off automatically at dusk while you're not there, and runs as long as you set it – 4 or 7 hours. The TV simulator can also be combined with an external timer. This allows you to set the desired time flexibly according to your wishes. The TV Simulator comes complete with fixing materials (2 screws and 2 dowels, and adhesive fixing). The LEDs have a service life of 30,000 hours. This results in a service life of 20 years based on 4 hours of use per day.

Please note: the light/intensity of the simulators can be easily controlled. For everyday use, the simulator is directed upwards or into the room. If this leads to an unnatural impression, the light intensity can be easily influenced by moving the device closer to a wall and allowing it to project onto it. It's that easy.