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tiiwee Window Door Alarm Burglar - Set of 2

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Secure your windows and doors with the Tiiwee window and door alarm: When the door or window is opened, a very loud 120dB alarm will sound and deter burglars.

This very elegant and stylish product features 3 different modes: 1. General alarm mode: the loud 120dB alarm will be triggered when the window or door is opened. The alarm will continue to sound for 2 minutes, even if the window or door is closed again. 2. Notifications mode: a mild chime can be heard when the door is opened – this means you can get notified when your children come home for instance. 3. Open door/window mode: the alarm will sound when the window or door is opened but will stop when the window or door is closed again. You can choose from 2 different sounds in this mode: Chime or Loud Alarm.

Each pack contains 2 alarm sets, each set consisting of a sensor unit and a magnetic unit. The installation is simple and can be done fast with the included mounting material.