tiiwee Home Alarm System Wireless Kit X1-XL


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Brand: tiiwee


  • LONG USE WITHOUT BATTERY CHANGES - The X1 siren operates on 3 x AA batteries for extended use (up to 12 months). It has an indicator light that allows you to check the status of your alarm system. An acoustic signal warns you of weak batteries.
  • SOUND SELECTION - The X1 siren can be set to a loud 120 dB siren sound or a ring tone. The ring tone has 2 different volume levels that allow you to adjust the X1 to your preferred volume.
  • EXPANDABLE - Expand your device with additional Tiiwee sensors, Tiiwee X1 and A3 (external) sirens and remote controls. Up to 40 sensors can be connected in 4 zones, 10 sensors per zone. Tiiwee offers a wide range of compatible accessories that can be connected to the X1 siren. These accessories include indoor and outdoor PIR motion detectors. The zone indicator on the front of the X1 indicates in which zone the alarm was triggered.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - The range of the system is 2-3 floors, depending on the building material. The wireless signal passes through walls and doors so you can activate and deactivate your system from outside your door. This system can also be used as an alarm for sheds or in garages and garden sheds in combination with a Tiiwee motion detector.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND PORTABLE - All Tiiwee Home Alarm System products are easy to install. The door and window sensors can be mounted with double-sided tape (included) or screws (included). The X1 siren can be mounted with screws (included) or used as a portable device. It stands upright on any horizontal and level surface.

Publisher: Tiiwee


With Tiiwee's wireless intrusion detector, you can secure your home quickly and easily. It can be installed in just 10 minutes without wiring or drilling.

Arming and disarming is done using the remote control or directly on the X1 siren. The door and window sensors connect to it via wireless communication. When a burglar attempts to enter your house by opening the door or window, a wireless signal alerts the X1 siren, which emits a loud and penetrating siren sound.

Add more Tiiwee door and window sensors, motion detectors and remote controls from the Tiiwee Home Alarm System. You can also connect any existing sensors and remotes to other Tiiwee X1 sirens or Tiiwee A3 external sirens.

Not only is this alarm system a burglar alarm for your home, it's also ideal for securing your van, apartment, shop, caravan or motor home. It also serves well as a shed alarm.

The X1 siren has two volume levels with a doorbell and a loud 120 dB siren. Switch between these sounds by pressing the S button on the remote when the X1 siren is in disarmed mode. During the day, for example, the system can be used as a notification system for your store or business. At night, the system protects your garage, shop, store or home from burglars by setting the sound to the alarm tone.

The components of the Tiiwee X1 Alarm System Sets are already connected. Simply unpack and install in 10 minutes. The kit contains a detailed user guide that will guide you through the installation. All components are pre-configured. This makes setup quick and easy. We offer 24/7 customer service and are proud of our satisfied customers.

EAN: 8719324910385

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches