tiiwee X3 Home Alarm System Wireless Kit


Brand: tiiwee


  • IMPORTANT - X3 siren-based alarm systems are particularly suitable for apartments, houses, shops, mobile homes, caravans that require only one siren. A second X3 siren can only be used if a subset of sensors is connected to a separate X3 siren. In that case, each X3 unit is operated with its own settings and pin code. For example, you can switch off the alarm for the main sensors and monitor the basement sensors with a second X3.
  • HOME AND AWAY FUNCTION - When you leave your home, press the activation button after setting the button to "Away". You have 20 seconds to leave your house and close the door behind you. When you return home and open the door, you have 15 seconds to deactivate the system with the PIN code. When you are home, set the button to "Home" and press the activation button. The system is immediately active.
  • TWO SOUND TYPES - Zone 4 is a "welcome zone". Sensors connected in zone 4 will sound a doorbell when the system is in disarmed mode, but a loud alarm will sound when the X3 is activated. This zone allows you to use the X3 if you want to be notified when someone enters your home or shop during the day. At night, when the system is armed, opening a door triggers a loud alarm.
  • EASY TO ADJUST TO YOUR PREFERENCES - You can connect 10 sensors in each of the 4 zones, a total of 40 sensors. Tiiwee offers a wide range of compatible accessories for the home alarm system. Accessories include indoor and outdoor PIR motion detectors as well as window and door sensors. The connection of accessories is very simple (please refer to the manual). A remote control is not required.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The X3 siren can be fastened with screws (included) or used as a portable device. It stands upright on any horizontal and level surface. The X3 unit can be operated for up to one year with the 3 x AA batteries (included) or alternatively with a 5V/1A power adapter (sold separately).

Publisher: Tiiwee


With Tiiwee's wireless X3 alarm system, you can secure your home quickly and easily. It can be installed in just 10 minutes without wiring or drilling.

Arming and disarming is done directly on the X3 siren. The door and window sensors connect to it via wireless communication. When a burglar attempts to enter your house by opening the door or window, a wireless signal alerts the X3 siren, which emits a loud and penetrating siren sound.

Add more Tiiwee door and window sensors and motion detectors from the Tiiwee Home Alarm System.

Not only is this alarm system a burglar alarm for your home, it's also ideal for securing your van, apartment, shop, caravan or motor home. It also serves well as a shed alarm.

The components of the Tiiwee X3 Alarm System Sets are already connected. Simply unpack and install in 10 minutes. The kit contains a detailed user guide that will guide you through the installation. All components are pre-configured. This makes setup quick and easy. We offer 24/7 customer service and are proud of our satisfied customers.

EAN: 8719324910415

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 2.0 inches